This vocabulary test is an empirically validated test that examines and classifies the active competence of English as foreign language learners.
The classification corresponds to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment.

The test will be completed online and evaluated directly.
It lasts 45 minutes. After that it automatically ends.
This ensures a fair and objective assessment.

The test is based on 400 multiple choice items, which are played one after the other.
Two out of four options should be selected as the correct solution.
After your option, the next item will appear.
After 8 seconds, the system automatically switches to next.

The items are of two kinds:
¤ In the first round you should choose two meaningful words (quasi-synonyms) for a word.
¤ The second round is about collocations, that is, words that often occur in the vicinity of the base word.

The highest achievable score is 400.


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